TMC General Meeting August 18th

General Meeting MinutesĀ 15th August 2020 11.00am, following AGM Tasmanian Motorcycle Council Inc. At Iron Horse Bar & Grill

General Meeting Minutes 15th August 2020

11.00am, following AGM

Tasmanian Motorcycle Council Inc.
At Iron Horse Bar & Grill

Paul Bullock, Simon Hrycyszyn, Mick Boyd, Brian Hornsey, Danny Penny, Steve Mizzi, Roger McArd, Henk Van Zetten

Julie Penny, Peter Fleming (Henk concerned he may not have received notification)

Minutes of Previous Meeting.
Held 27th June accepted as circulated

Business Arising.

Correspondence Inward.
• Three letters from Damien Codognotto re Membership of TMC, re copy of letter sent to Hobart Council on Motorcycle parking, and re Mercury report of 25th April seeking thoughts on Riverside to Legana section of road. 
• Agenda from RSAC next meet to be put on our website.
• Email to Paul re community road safety committee (Kentish/Latrobe councils) acknowledging Norman Targett resigned.
• Letter from Premier re Lake Leake Highway audit - expect findings released next year
• TMC Inc AGM Notification in Examiner.
• Road Safety re unable to fund us to give two members accreditation to audit roads, then Invite for us to assist in auditing of west coast roads. We will draft appropriate response thru committee - one contradicts the other!

Treasurers Report.
As per Treasurers AGM report/presentation.

General Business. 

  • Will seek "new funding" means in future meet with Premier 
    • We also need to look at seeking "grants" via Jeremy Rockcliffe's idea of an "allocation " per year where we raise an invoice as an operating fund!
    • Still have issue with MAIB re Stats on Motorcycle Crashes. Act apparently states unlicenced and unregistered vehicles should not be considered for payment. 
    • approximately 5,000 Riders come to Tassie via the Spirit of Tasmania each year. 
    • Danny raised Kentish/Latrobe Community road safety meets. That is, why do other Councils not do the same? Danny to pursue West Tamar and Roger to pursue Meander and Kentish/Latrobe. 
    • Roger raised point re given one task to do but Paul did it for him when he asked how to go about it. Meeting agreed we need members to be able to do tasks - share knowledge where we can.

    Next Meeting.
    Saturday 19th September 2020 at Iron Horse Bar and Grill

    Meeting Closed.


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