TMC Meeting Minutes 8th September 2018

Tasmanian Motorcycle Council Inc. General Meeting 8th September 2018 Held in Iron Horse Bar and Grill at Richardson’s Harley Davidson 468 Westbury Rd Prospect.




 Paul Bullock, Mick Boyd, Julie Penny, Danny Penny, Garry Long, Simon Hrycyszyn, Henk Van Zetten, Robert Smith, Merilyn Hrycyszyn,

Chairman                Paul Bullock


Apologies               Norman Targett. John Wallander

Meeting Opened 11.20 AM, Welcome by Paul Bullock.

Minutes of previous meeting 4th August 2018 read and tabled as correct.

Moved Paul Bullock …….. Sec Mick Boyd ……………..Carried.


Business arising from minutes

AJL letter of thank you to be sent after sponsor ship payment of $ 2,500 is received .

        Invoice sent, payment not received as yet.

Anti Bikie Laws  Paul and Simon attended meeting with Legislative Council and made representation.                                                 

 Meeting thanked Paul and Simon.

MAIB:   Paul presented statistics for the registered motorcycles, licenced riders and MAIB claims.

The number of registered motorcycles over the past years has doubled with out an increase of MAIB claims.

Concern from the meeting of the number of claims and accident numbers added to the statistics arising from unregistered motorcycles, unlicensed riders and off road accidents.

Lindelle Banks (RHD) has started on upgrading of TMC web site.

All the above moved by Simon Hrycyszyn ……. Seconded Paul Bullock                      Carried

Treasure’s Report

      Paul presented report                 Bank balance of $ 637.99 as June 30th  Statement.

      Bills for payment                          Richardson’s Harley Davidson AGM advertising in three .  .                                                             newspapers  $ 669.71 .    Report accepted.

Payment of RHD invoice to be made after receipt of AJL payment.

         Moved Danny Penny ………..Seconded Garry Long ………….  Carried


General Business

Simon Hrycyszyn expressed disappointment in the Legislative Council and their handling of the recent Anti Bikie Laws.

Robert Smith read and tabled a letter sent to Ruth Forrest re the Anti Bikie Laws.

Much discussion was had on the effects the new laws will have on motorcycle riders being able to support charitable organisations and attend charitable events.


MRA Awareness ride 17th  November Perth to Hillwood be given full support of TMC  on their web site and Facebook page.

                       Moved Henk Van Zetten ……………….. Seconded Paul Bullock  …. Carried


A meeting with Jeremy Rockliff  to be arranged by Paul and Simon

 Re : Reduction of MAIB premiums for Motorcyclists, this being for the increase of motorcycles being registered with out a rise in the claims being made against MAIB,

Claims being paid for unresisted and unlicensed riders.

                   Moved   Simon Hrycyszyn  ….. Seconded …..  Henk Van Zetten  …..      Carried

Paul Bullock to contact RSAC

Re: Lack of motorist awareness on lane filtering.

       Pushbike riders that fail to obey road rules, be recognisable to other road users.


Next Meeting

       13th October     10.30 AM  in Iron Horse Bar and Grill  RHD


Paul Bullock


Tasmanian Motorcycle Council Inc

0427 889 074

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