TMC Meeting Minutes 16th Feb 2019

MINUITES General Meeting 10.30am 16th February 2019 Held at Richardson’s Harley Davidson, Iron Horse Bar & Grill

MINUITES General Meeting  10.30am 16th February 2019

Held at Richardson’s Harley Davidson, Iron Horse Bar & Grill


Attendance:   P Bullock (Chairman)  S Hrycyszyn. G Long. M Boyd. N Targett.

.                     H Van Zetten. J Wallander.


Apologies      NIL


Previous Minutes  Tabled & Read                   Moved J Wallander       Sec H Van Zetten   Passed.


Business Arising from Previous Meeting


                      N Targett advised the Christian Motorcyclists Association Rally was a great success .                     with over 100 attending.




                   1.   Lane filtering campaign to advise the general public how filtering works and is legal           

.                     for motorcyclists to do so. 30K campaign to go public 18th March to 12th April.


                   2.  Vic Roads   Safety Audit training.


                   3.  P Bullock is seeking grants for funding.


                   4.  P Bullock has sent a letter to State Govt   Re: Cyclist Identification, Also tabled .                 .                       copy of cyclist road rules and list of fines police enforce. P Bullock to talk with major .                       newspapers ASAP Re: the above.


Treasures Report 


                     P Bullock presented Statement with $ 1,235.56 in Acc

                     AMC  Membership Acc $ 800,00 owing.

                     TMC to pay AMC $ 400

                                                                                 Moved P Bullock    Sec  G Long       Passed


General Business


                      P Bullock & S Hrycyszyn to have a meeting with J Rockliff  Re: MAIB payouts, The pool .                   of funds for claims & ID of cyclists.

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                     Paul & Simon to question J Rockliff on the present payments from the pool of funds    .           .                    being made to unlicensed riders and or motor cycles not registered being added to      

.                     MAIB stats.

                     S Hrycyszyn request a list of members form 2004 to present for contacts and update,

                     P Bullock to organise ASAP.


                     S Hrycyszyn moved that a Action Plan be tabled at EVERY meeting and updated

.                     EVERY meeting.

                                                                       Seconded J Wallander                Passed.



Next Meeting   16th March  10.30 am at Richardson’s Harley Davidson / Iron Horse Bar & Grill.

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