TMC General Meeting November 7th

General Meeting Minutes 7th November 2020

9 November 2020

General Meeting Minutes 7th November 2020


Open Meeting 10.45am


Present:          Julie & Danny Penny, Simon Hrycyszyn, Brian Hornsey, Mick Boyd, Paul Bullock


Apologies:      Henk Van Zetten, Julie & Peter Flemming.


Minutes of previous meeting.           Approved


Business arising,        Danny Holwell Road Audit be corrected to Hollow Tree Roam.      Passed




Inward –

Road Safety Invitation to: The next Road Safety Advisory Council Education and Enforcement Sub Committee to talk about the TMC point of view on motorcycle advertising. The meeting will be prior to the RSAC meeting on Tuesday 17th November 2020.


Minister Ferguson    Inviting Paul Bullock to represent the TMC for a further 3 years on the Road Safety Advisory Committee till the 31st October 2023.


AJL    Advising TMC of Motor Cycle Learner activity 2017 – 2020.


H.O.G.            Motorists not stopping after accident with motorcycle with motor vehicle being in the wrong.




Letter to Anita Dow MP Shadow minister for Transport

Included were copies of correspondence’s as follows

  1. 24 September, 2014    Rene Hidding
  2. 2016 -2019                  MAIB claims
  3. 30th October 2019       Michael Ferguson reply
  4. 31st October 2019       Paul Bullock response

Treasurers report     tabled  Passed

invoices (inward) Approved for payment


General Business

Danny raised the issue L & P plate drivers as per Minister Ferguson on radio re No convictions and government will pay for your Licence is this being carried over for motorcyclists?


MRA awareness ride is CANCELLED due to covid restrictions at both start venue and finish venue.


Next TMC Meeting

16th January 2021


Meeting closed 11.25am




Paul Bullock

President TMC


0427 889 074