TMC General Discussion April 27th 2019

                                                    General Discussion 27th April 2019


  1. General Meeting set down for today was cancelled due to low number of attendees,

Corium number required for meeting not met.

General conversation of attendees for presentation of next General Meeting on 1st June 2019.


  1. Attendees, P Bullock , S Hrycyszyn , H Van Zetten , D Penney , M Boyd.
  2. Amount of $520 per annum for TMC Web & Facebook maintenance ( Lindelle )
  3. Mick to contact Norman re update on constution update as to the status.
  4. Paul / Simon MAIB stats being presented to Minister incorrect.
  5. Paul following up on double figure claims & where the accidents are happening.
  6. TMC M/ship of AMC paid and up to date.
  7. Paul & Simon meeting with Minister awaiting conformation of a date.
  8. Notice for a special  general  meeting AMC, notice of meeting sent to affiliated members.
  9. More information of events to be forwarded to TMC for Web & F/Book presentation.
  10. Paul to contact John Wallander Re! LCC Road Safety Committee, (what is happening) Henk will represent TMC if John is unable to do so.
  11. Danny following up on lack of rub rail fitted to new Armco rail on West Tamar.
  12. RSWG Paul & Simon to raise with Minister the concern of novice rider speed to bring them in line with other road users.

NOTE Next General Meeting 1st June 2019 @ RHD.