Tasmanian Motorcycle Council Inc. General Meeting 29th May 2021

Tasmanian Motorcycle Council Inc. General Meeting 29th May 2021

Tasmanian Motorcycle Council Inc. General Meeting 29th May 2021


Held at the Iron Horse Bar and Grill Prospect 


Meeting Opened. 




Paul Bullock, Henk Van Zetten, Peter Fleming, Mick Boyd, Bronwyn McCarthy, Brian Hornsey, Steve Hammersley, Andy Phillips.



Simon Hrycyszyn, Peter Clarke, Greg Burgess. 


Minutes of Previous Meeting. 

Minutes of previous Meeting held 27th March were accepted as circulated. 


Business Arising. 

. No further developments on the Meeting with our State Government representative.

. Refer to General Business and Correspondence for further discussion relating to prior Meeting. 


Correspondence Inward. 

. Letter from MAIB re numbers of rejected claims in recent years (that need to be subtracted from prior "all" claims listed). I.E. following numbers of rejected claims: -

2017 - 33, 2018 - 45, 2019 - 42, and 2020 - 35. In future we will receive this info - in other words - approved claims, not all claims. No farm or off-road bikes included. 

. Letter from MAIB re Road Skills Check Ride. 

. Papers (of large numbers) from RSAC covering a number of matters, several under confidentiality. Copies of their Minutes not marked confidential, however, marked "Draft". Paul will collate these and have Lindelle add to our website. 

. Re RSAC papers, included in the same is an Expenditure Plan, Road Safety Levy Budget, and Towards Zero progress report. Meeting agreed that next meeting with Government (preference to meet Premier) should highlight some apparent "out of line/tune" sponsorship. 


Correspondence Outward. 

. Letters to both major parties (prior to election) to seek their respective views. No response received from either party.

. From MAIB re data info request on Road Skills Check Ride. This programme is run by AJL and MAIB are now providing $150 to AJL for every person taking on the programme where existing riders update/refresh their skills.


Treasurers Report. 

. Payments made: -

. $50:10 for travel costs and

. $89.10 for incorporation registration costs.

. Further Payment then approved: -

. $149.95 for toner. 

Treasurers Report - moved Brian, seconded Mick that report be accepted. 


General Business. 

. Re Bendigo Bank, we previously had two accounts. One had zero value for a couple of years so Bendigo have closed this one. It was used to keep "Grant" monies income and expenditure separate. We can always re open a separate account down the track if needed.

. Simon and Paul were invited by AJL to view their new indoor Learning Range. Training numbers are now picking up. Paul passed onto them the info re $150 per person sponsorship by MAIB for those taking on the refresher course - Road Skills Check Ride. 

. Need follow-up meeting with the State Government - preferably the Premier. 

. Steve and Andy attended today on behalf of Easy Riders. Steve advised Debbie and Gazza could not make this meet but would attend next. Mick advised Paul we need to give them membership forms to formalise. Paul advised Steve and Andy they were both welcome back as well.

. Mick advised last year's AGM minutes were given to Paul.

. Henk advised he would not be renominating as Secretary at next AGM.


At this point Paul advised the meeting that Bronwyn would. HVZ was given Bron's email address after he offered to provide her with a copy of these Minutes before they were distributed publicly.


. Paul advised he would like to stand down as President. 


Next Meeting. 

Next Meeting will be our AGM.

Saturday 21st August 2021.

10.30am Start

At Iron Horse Bar and Grill 


. Mick to place small add in Examiner re AGM notice, and will ask Lindelle to put notice on our website too. 


Meeting Closed. 



Henk Van Zetten