MINUTES 12th October 2019  General Meeting

MINUTES 12th October 2019  General Meeting


Held at Richardsons Harley Davidson



Meeting Chairman. TMC President Paul Bullock



Attendance    P Bullock, S Hrycyszyn, H Van Zetten, B Hornsey, R Mc Ard, M Boyd.



Apologies      N Target, P Fleming, J Fleming, Danny Penney, Julie Penney.



Minutes Meeting 14th September 2019 Presented by M Boyd, Seconded B Hornsey          CARRIED



Business Arising from Previous Minutes



P Bullock, S Hrycyszyn reported on the meeting with Minister Michael Ferguson

TMC concerns of MAIB claims.

Novice Rider speed limits.

Govt funding for Two TMC Committee members to attend road auditors course.


Paul Bullock to send a follow up letter to Minister as registration for road auditors course

needs to be confirmed.



P Bullock  Tabled a copy of letter/agenda sent to Minister Michael Ferguson prior to meeting with Paul and Simon.


Department of State Growth 2 x reports for on going roadworks for October.



Department of Justice Consumer Affairs & Fair Trading,  Incorporations TMC finance report


Request for Incorporation Registration.


Treasures Report  Presented as tabled by B Hornsey


Payment made for Web site and Facebook sites upkeep.


Seconded P Bullock.        CARRIED


General Business


 WIN TV  interview with P Bullock and S Hrycyszyn Re! Coroners Report release of Nine deaths in 2018.


Four Deaths 2019 to date


2019 Fatalities getting less and Accidents less.


R Mc Ard Presented a quotation from Meander Valley Radio $ 30 per Month with three adds per day.


B Hornsey asked of the cost of the road auditors course and if Minister Ferguson gave any indication of being positive towards funding the TMC members to attend.


Up Coming Events



MRA Awareness Ride

16th November 2019

Leaving Perth 11am

Riding via Launceston under Green Light to Hillwood


Meeting Closed 11am


Next Meeting 10.30am  23rd November

VIP ROOM   at Richardson’s Harley Davidson / Iron Horse Bar and Grill


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