General Meeting 27th July 2019

General Meeting 27th July 2019


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Meeting Chairman  Mick Boyd opened meeting at 11am


Attendance        S Hrycyszyn, H Van Zetten, J Penney, D Penney, B Hornsey, R Mc Ard,

                            P Flemming,  J Flemming. M Boyd.

Apologies          P Bullock

Minutes of meeting 27th April Tabled as read.      M Boyd        Sec H Van Zetten    CARRIED


Business Arising from previous meeting

                            Paul and Simon meet with Minister  Jeremy Rockliff, Simon believes the meeting  was productive.

                            Simon advised nothing received from J Rockliff as yet.

                            Simon advised that TMC Inc doesn’t meet Govt criteria for grant funding.

                            Paul and Simon looking at other Govt avenues of funding for TMC Inc. 


Treasures Report

                             As Read, presented and tabled by B Hornsey.

                                                                                                     Sec S Hrycyszyn       CARRIED           


                            Notification of change of office bearers for Australian Motorcycle Council Inc.


                            Notice of meeting Australian Motorcycle Council Inc to be held August 31st  Paul Bullock to attend this meeting  to be held in Adelaide.


                            Department of Justice Annual Return for TMC Inc,  Completed and returned with notice of change of office bearers. Return registration fee $ 63.20


                           Notice  received from Department of Justice for the acceptance of TMC Inc

.                          Amendment to constitution as per AGM 2018.


                          Letters of Thank you for Committee service to TMC Inc sent to Mr Norman Targett   .                         and Mr John Wallander.


General Business

Letter of follow up to be sent to the office of Jeremy Rockliff.                                                                                                                                 

Letter same as Jeremy Rockliff’s be sent to the new incoming Minister Michael Ferguson.                  

Simon advised that a date for a meeting with Minister Michael Ferguson has been confirmed for 26th September with the following issues.

No Fault third party,     One pool for all MAIB,    Novice rider speed and the dander of the present lower speed.

Danny Penney has meet with Mr Garry Hills of State Growth Department Re concerns of the placement of guard rails on various roads and the lack of bump guard being fitted.

This is on going and Danny will advise and update as he receives more information.


Brian Hornsey has been checking on the Tasmanian statistics on motorcycle accidents, He advised that highest number of accidents are in the 7310 area Devonport.


New Member application accepted from Mr Peter Clarke   …………… All in Favour



NEXT MEETING 14TH September 2019 @ 10.30am


At Richardson’s Harley Davidson/ Iron Horse Bar & Grill



Meeting Closed 11.45am.